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Night Run

For my running today, i 've decided to run after maghrib. Furthermore i was hungry after i come back from work, so isi perut dulu, then baru berlari.

I managed to run 7.57km in a time of 43.59mins. I used my ipod nano and nike+ to track my running distance/pace. It's more fun using nike+ than using garmin coz I can control my pace according to the song being played. fast song - fast pace, slow song - recovery/slow pace.

I've successfully secured my Sundown Marathon Bib Number. As instructed by the organizer, I paid my bib number through bank draft. I paid SGD$50 and the processing fees is $10.10 -> expensive expensive. I scanned the bank draft and emailed it to the organizer, tomorrow baru mempos bank draft atu.

Actuallynya, 2 weeks ago, they held a charity bib number auctions. You bid your favourite number with the lowest $50. Since ultramarathon bib number start from 000 to 999, I decided to bid for number 084 (84 Km ultramarathon). If the number start from 1000 to 9999, for sure I'm going to bid my lucky four number (!*@%). aku bid main main aje, tau tau dapat. bayar saja lah lagipun for charity............

Miri, Sarawak International Triathlon is confirmed next month on the 21st and 22nd June. Aku planning kan ikut sprint event - 750m swim, 20km bike and 5 km run. tomorrow start swimming..........

Lupa jua ku bercerita.......yesterday morning i woke up early around 5:00am. i was having a bad headache, a stiff  neck and shoulder. I tried to do some neck and shoulder stretching but it didn't work. Drink some water and cuba tidur semula. Well, sakajap saja. I woke up and vomit as usual - muntah air.....

I woke up around 6:45am, still a bit dizzy. I have my breakfast and tidur semula. it's still early. Woke up 7:30am and vomited again, keluar semua nasi goreng.......eeeeehhhhhhhh, yaakkkkk. usually it's like that.....vomited and i would feel better and this usually occurs 2, 3 times a month. kira routine lah. It usually happens when aku inda cukup rehat, kurang tidur and apa apa saja yang bulih menyebabkan stiff neck and shoulder. lebih kurang macam migraine lah.

Aku masuk ofis around 9:30am. Still a bit weak. But by afternoon.......minum 100+ , aku sihat and feeling good to run...............nya niece ku....janjit!!!!

Keep on running.....................


Anonymous said...

Kalau migraine, ubatnya makan aspirin (bukan panadol ah - atu paracetamol). Then bawa tidur, and kalau tidur, pastikan semua gelap, because migraine can be caused by bright light. Well and keep well hydrated... (Doctor ni ah mengajar aku, and it works for me).

By the way, u makan, before belari? Baik inda sanak? hehe...

Anonymous said...

just a light snack - eat & drink slowly - gerenti baik punya.

For me, stiff neck/shoulder with/out headache/migraine usually last for about 1 or 2 hours. Bawa rehat/tidur, makan panadol, bawa muntah, sapu minyak sikit and bawa kerja - before afternoon fully restored

First time aku kena, it took me 2 weeks to recover and that was 4 years ago. Now I've learned the tricks - For u aspirin and no light - for me is different.

btw, thanks for tips. very much appreciated. bila lagi kan start berlari. r u joining the tasek climbathon?

Anonymous said...

Oh the aspirin bit, jaga2 to those reading, you maybe allergic to it, so consult a doctor beforehand.

I love to run on an empty stomach, sometimes running with food in my stomach can be a little discomforting, burping during my run... :) Although at the same time, it's not good, that was why I always eat minimum 4 hours before my run (lunch was the last food before running)

Balum lagi start belari, work has been consuming my time, insyaallah sometime this week. This climbathon inda sanggup, because alum lagi start training, maybe join for run saja kali... Hmmm baik plg ku join ah...