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It's 4pm, 4.30hours left before my first ultra marathon. I'm a bit nervous and worried that I cannot finished the run. I've been staying indoor all day, resting my legs and plus filling my stomach with foods.

I've surveyed the route last night and the first 10/15 km is a straight long route. It's gonna be physical and mental challenge. Luckily it is night run therefore we really cannot see very far in front.

I was wondering whether they gonna allow us to have a power nap 15 to 20 mins. You never know - tiredness plus sleepiness. I need to rest and energize my body.

I think i better stop before I blog/write something stupid.

7pm - news update - i'm the only Bruneian and the pressure is on me. Ahmadzzz cannot make it due to work commitment. inda apa bro, next year saja ikut.

I'll be reporting tomorrow after the race......keep on visiting

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