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Saturday 60 mins run

With the help of my Ipod Nano and Nike+, I managed to run 10.35km in 60 mins with an average pace of 5.48min/km. 55 mins was easy slow run with the last 5 mins, I increased the pace just below the LT threshold.

7 more days - 168 hours - 10080 mins - 604800 secs. Lamaaaaa lagi. Now, besides blogging, i'm doing my ultramarathon checklists. Some of my checklists;

Nike Running Shoes - 2 pairs
Nike Shorts - 2 pairs
Nike Shirts - 4 pairs
Nike Jackets - 1 pair
Nike Socks - 4 pairs
Nike Slippers - 1 pair
Powerbar Gel - 6 packets
powerbar Endurance drinks - 4 packets
Powerbar Protein Plus bar - 2 packets
Vaseline - 1
Nike Sports Towel - 2
Nike Caps - 2
Ipod Nano with Nike+ - 1
Garmin Forerunner - 1
Ipod Armband - 1
Nike slim waistbag - 1
Runner's waist belt - 1
Berocca performance drinks - 1
Dencorub ICE Gel - 1
ICE Spray - 1

(sorry, i'm addicted to Nike goodies. kalau ku terjumpa underwear Nike, gerenti ku beli)

My shopping lists;
1. Nike
2. Nike
3. Nike
4. Nike
5. Books - Sports and IT related books

I've just bought the new Nike+ sportband.

Nike+ Sportband ₤40.00

The main difference between this latest gadget and previous versions from Nike is that it doesn't require an Ipod to work. The armband with its USB 'pen drive' stores data such as speed, distance, time elapsed, and calories burned. It's still using the Nike foot pod to sent data wirelessly to the Nike+ armband and upload the data to your PC after the workout.

Keep on running dude........................


Reza Faizal said...

good luck dude... saw you running around stadium areas this couple of weeks....

BTW... where u bought the Nike+ Sportband

Anonymous said...

I like your check list. I think you really and and believe on Nike.

Anonymous said...

walk, run, sleep with nike attires............:)

Anonymous said...

Dude... where u get this sportband? can u get one for me?

e1 said...

Hi..mana bali nike+ sportband tu?

e1 said...

Mana bali?pm pls

anakpanyu said...

i bought it in singapore. That was 4 years ago. Nowadays in Brunei, you can find it in Hua Ho Yayasan or Apple Store in Kiulap