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Saturday Afternoon Run

I woke up 4:30am in the morning. After prayer subuh, I wore my running attire and was ready for my running run. I was still feeling sleepy and ada rasa rasa tidak berapa sihat, so aku tidur balik with my running attire. Lately, aku rasa tidak cukup tidur walaupun tidur awal (10pm atu kira tidur awal kah?)

Tapi disebabkan rasa semangat kan berlari, aku buat sebelah petang. Selepas melawat BICT career day and 2nd consumer food fair di ICC, aku minta turunkan arah my wife di stadium, change to my running attire and berlari balik ke rumah.

I managed to run 9.13km in a time of 1:01:34 hours which to my standard is pretty slow.

Keep on running...................

(I've upgraded my sim to 3.5G, have you............?)

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