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Saturday Half Marathon

yeah, I've managed to run 21km today before going off to work. As usual, I was supposed to run at 5am but akhir bangun, I ran at 5:40am. My route was from home to bandar and then back home via Jalan Kebangsaan. I saw a few early morning runners including Ahmad Fathi. He's training very hard for the Ultramarathon.

I managed to run 21km in a time of 2:10:01 hours. Eventhough, I have walk breaks a few times, the time is still considered good. 

Less than 2 weeks before my first ultra. Now is the time to reduce/tapering my running. My worries right now are injuries. Injured after the race is better than injured before the race.

Yesterday, instead of running, I went for a swim. I managed to swim a total distance of 1000m. Mula mula aku swimming di tingkat bawah, warm up dulu. Di bawah bulih swimming short distance (~10m). Aku buat dalam 100m. Lepas tu baru pindah tingkat atas. Aku cuba ikut apa yang zulhassan buat - swimming in circle without stopping at the end of the pools. Masa atu, inda ramai orang. Aku buat 200m non stop and aku buat 2 kali. Maybe next week aku buat lebih jauh lagi.......

Esuk......expedisi basikal....yahooooo 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's a really good timing... Wah inspired ku eh... :)