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Sundown Marathon - more news update

I was checking the website - Adidas Sundown Marathon and come across this newsletter the Sundown hall-of-fame. It is the list of participants for the Ultramarathon - 306 participants altogether and out of that only 2 runners from Brunei. Me and my friend Ahmadzzzz.

Less than 3 weeks to go and dalam kepala ku ani macam macam perkara ku fikirkan. We are given 14.5 hours to finish 84km and I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to finish in time. Training ku paling jauh 21km which is not enough. Tension tension.........

My target is to finish within 12 hours. The first 42km in 5.5 hours and the last 42km around 6.5 hours. I still have an extra 2.5 hours to finish the race if something do happen like I'm getting to slow, cramped or anything which can spoil my run/walk strategy. I hoped I won't fall asleep while running. This is night running from 8:30pm until the next morning.

Some of my friends say I'm crazy doing this. 42km is already far enough and I'm doing the ultra - gila kah?!! Tapi bila lagi kan mencuba - tunggu umur 40 or 50 baru kan mencuba 50 miles.......

Whatever happen, I must finish the race before/after the time limit. Malu kalau DNF (did not finish) - rugi orang sponsor aku kalau inda habis.

Keep on running dude.....................

65 Zdenek Gregoriades
66 Baharudin Haji Nordin Brunei
67 Roger Henke Netherlands
68 Vaughan Henry New Zealand
69 Yney Khuen Ho Malaysia
70 Hee Shen Ho Singapore
71 Kwan Wah Ho Singapore
72 Kee Tat Alan Ho Singapore
73 Quan Yao Ho Singapore
74 Murray Hodgson
75 Ching Tai Hoo Malaysia
76 Ching Cheong Hoo Malaysia
77 Jason Hu Singapore
78 Fahmy Ishak Singapore
79 Salam Ismail Singapore
80 Ahmad Fathi Junaidi Brunei
81 Mohanadas Kandiah Singapore
82 Reto Kaufmann Switzerland
83 Chin Poo Khoo Singapore


zulhassan said...

jgn risau sangat, mesti boleh punya dan tak perlu berlatih sampai 84km, rasanya 60-65km pun dah ok.Pelari marathon pun dia orang tak berlatih hingga 42km tapi hanya buat 30-35km sahaja.

Nisa said...

Wow, an ultramarathon? Sounds amazing! No need to worry, even participating in the first place is good enough already! =) Best of luck with it!

Anonymous said...

All d best for the 2 of you.. You 2 can finish it! =)