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Thursday Morning

I was supposed to run this morning but somehow penyakit 'M' mendatang lagi, so fikir fikir fikir fikir, inda jadi berlari. Maybe aku buat a little bit of exercise before going to work.

Yesterday, I was planning to run after magrib but nasib baik inda jadi - it was raining accompanied with strong winds. Luckily, aku balik kerja akhir....selamat selamat.

Tuesday was my long run. I've managed to run 14.86 km in a time of 1:35:30 hours with 948 calories burnt. I ask my wife to drop me off at Belapan and start my run from there towards Kementerian Ugama where I met up with three of my friends. I run with them for 6km and then at Pusat Dakwah Road, I turn left headed back homes while my friend continue their run uphill the MOF. They managed to run around 7km plus.

Check this website out - Borneo International Marathon which will be held 2 weeks after raya - 12th October in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. They have 42, 21, 10km, 400m & 800m kid dash. I won't be joining because I have other plan.

Maybe later in the afternoon, I'll go for a swim and then after work maybe do some running.

Keep on running dude......................................

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