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Brunei Darussalam 21K Half Marathon

Date: Sunday, 3rd August 2008
Time: 6:30am
Closing Date: 19th July 2008, 5pm
Organizer: Brunei Amateur Athletic Association

  1. Men Open 21km - B$30.00
  2. Men Junior 10km - 18 yrs below - B$20.00
  3. Men Veteran 21km - 40 yrs above - B$30.00
  4. Women Open 21km - B$30.00
  5. Women Junior 10km - 18 yrs below - B$20.00
  6. Women Veteren 21km - 35 years above - B$25.00
  7. Fun Run 5km - B$15.00
Registration form can be obtained at the Brunei National Stadium, Berakas. Registration is open to all citizen of Brunei Darussalam and overseas runners. All registration must be submitted together with a copy of IC or passport.

So, start running dude........................................


Anonymous said...

Any more info? Where the half marathon going to be held, etc? Macam kan mau ikut ni... hehe..

Anonymous said...

i guess around stadium area, jalan kebangsaan, jalan muara-delima. i heard tarus selection for SCB GROE 2008/2009.

sAiFul aImAn tOh?! said...

hmm..cnakn register 2 ah??
and bila

sAiFul aImAn tOh?! said...

hey ya?!
canakan register 2 ah??
bila perlumbaan a2 start??
inda salah 10 august ryte??