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PSK Bicycle Cross Country

It was another dissapointing performance from Brunei Muara Cross Country Bicycle Team. ALL 5 riders were eliminated by third laps. The organizer decided to change the rule from 3 laps to 1 lap if you are overlap by the number one rider. By 8th laps there were only 4 riders left out of 22 riders. The winners of today cross country are;

1st Gold - Police
2nd Silver - Tutong
3rd Bronze - Police
4th - Temburong

We were eliminated at lap 1 1/2

The only mistakes that we did was starting at the back. All five of us belakang belakang.

Julaihi eliminated at lap 3 3/4 - maybe lah

From Tutong, the oldest rider. He just come back from Miri Triathlon which was held yesterday.



Bahar and I guess temburong rider at the back. Dalam hutan jauh ku tinggalkan tapi udah jalan simen, kana potong (jaguh jalan simen)

This is one difficult hill.


All 3 of us are not very far from each other

taken today at Indoor Stadium. Brunei Muara still no 1.

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