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PSK Training

Official PSK2008 Website: PSK2008

It's been a week since I updated my blog. I'm busy with my PSK training in the daytime and night time, rest lagipun my pc power rosak, so malas lah blogging. now, i'm using my wife's pc.

The three of us - me, GD and aliuddin have been selected to represent Brunei Muara District in the MTB Cross Country event. Since there was an opening, we offered ourselves and automatically masuk. Altogether 5 riders for the Xcountry. The other two riders are Akop and Julaihi.

Miri triathlon - Cancel........:(((( tidak jadi ikut

We registered last wednesday and we only have less than 2 weeks to train. We have tried the xcountry trail - it's very challenging with lots of hills climb and one very steep downhill. It will be 8 laps whereby per lap it is expected to be completed in less than 20 mins for the pro.

So far we have done 2 training at the trail and 2 endurance training on the road using MTB. The race will be on Monday, 9am, 23rd June 2008 at Taman Rekreasi Hutan Simpan Berakas. Datanglah beramai ramai.............sokong, jgn tak sokong

The other bike race like long distance road race, time trial road race, criterium road race and MTB downhill, i'll inform the exact date later.

Updated news;

Criterium road race - Friday, 20th June 2008
MTB Cross Country - 9am, Monday, 23rd June 2008
MTB Downhill - Afternoon,Monday, 23rd June 2008
Time trial - Friday, 27th June 2008
Road Race 150K - Saturday, 28th June 2008

Just for info for my malaysian readers, PSK or Pesta Sukan Kebangsaan is like SUKMA. It is held every 2 years. Since Brunei doesn't have states, representation will be based on district levels (Brunei has 4 districts) plus participation from Police, Army, Sport School, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA), Brunei Shell, Brunei Association of Banks (BAB), Fire Brigade and Prison Dept. This year they have invited Miri, Sarawak to participate.

So far, I've participated 3 times - 1996 (Kayak - Brunei Muara), 2003 (Athletics - BAB) and 2005 (Athletics-BAB). This year, I actually would like to represent BAB but since they don't have anynone to managed the event (Athletics & Cycling) plus the participation wouldn't be that many, so they opted not to take part in the event and concentrate on other events like golf, netball, softball and antah apa lagi kah. Mana saja tah.....nasib baik Brunei Muara ada kekosongan.

Summary of these week activities
Monday - Swimming 1000m
Tuesday - Cycling 15K
Wednesday - MTB Xcountry Training
Thursday - MTB Xcountry Training
Friday - MTB endurance on-road 57Km Training
Saturday - MTB endurance on-road 40Km Training
Sunday - Recovery

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Anonymous said...

all the best dude! its late, but the spirit to participate,show positve sportman!