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Just Another Sunday Morning Ride

Today was supposed to be 8 riders but only 6 showed up. The other 2 has other obligations. For today ride, there was a slight change in the route. After JP, we went to HSBC Jerudong to join the HSBC cyclists training for their 133km bike ride next month.

We arrived there 5 mins before 8am and there was only 2 or 3 riders. We have to wait until 8:30am for everyone to shows up.

Michael and Ahmad

Their route for today was to Pantai Meragang and back. So we followed them until Hutan Simpan Berakas Highway where after that we speed off to our next destination - breakfast.

Boon Teck of HSBC

Planning to go cycling on tuesday, 15th July 2008, 5pm to Subok via BSB - hill training. So clear your schedules...........

1 comment:

ahmad fathi said...

Thanks for the invite dude. Insha Allah will join you again on Tuesay