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It seems that lately I'm too lazy to train especially running and swimming. Cycling - maybe it's because I always cycle in a group and I'm the one who usually organize the ride. Maybe I should find a friend to run with so that I wouldn't have any excuse to skip my training.

I was supposed to run today but I wasn't in the mood. All my running gear is already in the car, malas punya pasal.........I stayed back at the office and balik akhir sikit. My swimming gear is also in the car - While driving back, I was thinking of swimming - singgah inda singgah - akhirnya sampai ke rumah, rehat lah jadinya

Yesterday was public holiday, So we had another bike ride in the afternoon to Subok road via BSB. It was a fun and challenging ride. We managed to cover 21km in 1 hour time.

There was a group ride at Labi area yesterday morning but we didn't join since I only knew about the group ride the night before. I heard they managed to cover 85km around 3 hours plus. They gonna organise it again in 2 weeks time.
Tomorrow is Thursday.......what should I do tomorrow, let see lah what will happen.

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