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Long or Short Run

today was saturday and it was my off day. the early morning weather was very very good. Cold weather with slight drizzle ( I called it hujan rintik rintik). I was in a good mood. I had a good rest yesterday. Sleep around 10 plus plus

buttttt......... I only managed to run 7.55km in a time of 43mins. Why?? I was supposed to run at 5:30am but I woke up 5:36am and did my run 5:50am. I have to get back home before 6:45am cause I have to sent the Mrs to work. So I just ran around Sg Akar, Delima, Berakas and back. If I start my run 5:30am, I could easily covered 10 to 12km just like peanut.

Always be positive. At least I have my run daripada inda ada. So I guess I have to pay backf or my long run on Monday . target 14km.

Tomorrow is our weekend cycling. target 40 to 50km. Check your gears guys and always be prepared.

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