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Test ride our new jerseys

Today was another bike rides but the different about it was that we wore our new jerseys. It was a very good ride today where the first 30km we managed to cover in 1:04 hours whereby according to our standard is very much above average.

KB 119km with speed limit 100km/hr. So eta (estimated time of arrival) 1 hr 10mins

Overall we managed to cover 57.84km in a time of 1:58:44 hours with average speed around 28km/hr. The route were from Sg Akar - highway - tungku link - ubd - lambak kiri - muara highway roundabout - lambak kanan and lastly breakfast at Manggis Satu/Dua.

Wednesday, 30th July is a public holiday and we are planning to go to Tutong - maybe Tasek Biru, Bukit Panggal, Penanjong or Sg Basong. liat lah macam mana nanti.

Summary of this week activities:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - 7.11km / 41:54:23 mins run
Wednesday - 2.13km / 11:14 mins + speed run
Thursday - 4.25km / 22:51 mins run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 7.55km / 43mins run
Sunday - 57.84km / 1:58:44 hours bike

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