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Ultramarathon - post mortem

It's been more than a month after my ultra and I've said it my earlier post 'the stories' that this will be my first and last ultramarathon.

But after a week coming back to Brunei, I've decided that next year I will do it again. The pain is temporary but the experience is long lasting. The attention that you get after completing the run is 'WoW'. The comments and compliments that I get from my blog, it's soooo 'WOW' again.

I hoped next year there will be more than one runner from Brunei and hopefully I can improve my time.

For now... I just keep on sweating!!!!


Anonymous said...

U can do it dude! Make our country proud again =)

ahmad fathi said...

Insha Allah i'll see you at the finish line next year Ultraman...