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Weekend Ride

It's a been a while since we have our Sunday morning ride. Today only four riders showed up. We managed to cover 37.99km in a time of 1:21:24 hours with an average speed of 28km/hr

We saw a lot of cyclists along the tungku and muara/tutong highway, mostly mountain bikers. I guess they are training for HSBC HoB Challenge.

Talking about HoB Challenge, our group are planning to rent a bus for our transportation to KB on Saturday night 23rd August 2008. After that spend the night in a hotel. It will be a small bus of 35 passengers, so I guess maybe only around 15 to 20 passengers including bicycles. So we are inviting other cyclists if they want to join the bus ride to KB. Each passengers will need to pay certain amount of transportation fees. The transportation will be only to KB. Thats it. After you reach Serasa beach, you have to arrange your on transportation. The confirmation of the transportation will be confirm later.

Summary of these week activities
Monday - rest
Tuesday - weight training
Wednesday - 4.57km run
Thursday - 5.18km run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 1100m pool swim
Sunday - 37.99km bike ride

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