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Brick Training #1

Yesterday we (me and GD) had a mini powerman training (a quarter distance of the actual powerman) - 2.72km run - 15.32km bike - 2.72km run. I've managed to complete the challenge in less than one hour, to be exact 58:36 mins. If my calculation and accessment is correct, I can complete the actual distance in less than 4 hours. Hopefully that is the target.

1st run 2.72km - 15:17 mins (easy pace of 5:37/km, that's why slow)
T1 - 8 sec (timer error)
Bike 15.32km - 29:25 mins (speed of 32km/hr)
T2 - 40 sec
2nd run 2.72km - 13:53mins (pace of 5:07/km)

Need to improve more on my bike endurance and my speed run training. I should be able to maintain a constant speed of 32km/hr or better than that.This is a non drafting race so don't expect any help from other people. Masa ani tah baru nampak siapa yang kuat and siapa yang inda.

To summarize these week activities;

Monday: total rest
Tuesday: afternoon 24.28km bike
Wednesday: morning 7.28km run
Thursday: afternoon 28.93km bike
Friday: Brick Training
Saturday: recovery
Sunday: Easy MTB bike ride


zulhassan said...

cuba buat kayuh 50k lari 10k. Baru ok . Sebab selalu i buat brick jarak dekat ni ok je tapi bila race tak boleh nak lari lak.

Ketika kayuh tu cuba kayuh dengan race pace lepas tu baru best lari.

rocco said...
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anakpanyu said...
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lance armstrong fan said...

True. Drafting is a strategy for a bicycle legal drafting race. It saves you a lot of energy. For a non-legal drafting race like ironman, non-drafting triathlon, powerman & etc, then your true pedalling power will be tested. How many can pedal 180km(ironman) / 90km(half ironman) with a constant speed of 35 to 40km/hr ALONE?

drafting fan said...
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