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HSBC HOB Challenge 2008 - Marshal briefing

Today we had a short briefing at HSBC Jerudong for the Marshal which our group was also selected. There were altogether 33 Marshals - alum lagi dikira HSBC punya committee.

Most of the Marshal responsibilities will be making sure that the cyclists stay on the left lane on a double lane and other small duties like making sure the cyclists especially the slow one either they can keep up with the group or do they need to be masukkan dalam trak, attend any minor injuries to the cyclists or the bicycles until help arrives i.e. help from the medic or the mechanic and etc.

The official HSBC HoB Challenge Marshal T-Shirt. We thought bicycle jersey with back pockets, eh eh eh eh eeehhhhh rupanya baju biasa saja. Some are thinking of modifying the t-shirt to become a bicycle jersey with back pockets. Good Luck..............

The Marshals

If everything goes to plan, we will send our bicycles on our own to KB early Saturday morning and late afternoon baru kami turun. We will be staying at Hotel Sentosa.

The Government rest house are already fully booked mostly by orang Bandar and Temburong. Actually we already booked 2 rooms at The Government rest house but somehow the bookie salah haribulan. Ani terpaksa tah tinggal hotel yang berbintang bintang. Kepala pun bebintang bintang memikirkan bayaran.

Now memikirkan masalah balik dari Pantai Serasa on Sunday. Alum ada plan. hmmmmm

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