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HSBC HOB Challenge - briefing

HSBC HoB Challenge held a two day briefing for the registered cyclists. It was held at their HSBC Jerudong Branch. The cyclists can either come on Saturday afternoon 2pm or on Sunday Morning 10am. Since Saturday I was still in KL, so I went there yesterday after the Brunei 21K run.

The grand prize of the Lucky Draw - 1st, 2nd & 3rd

Sign your name and this is your free t-shirt

I arrived around 10:30am and the briefing was half way already. From what I was informed from my brother (he arrived way much earlier than me), All five of us kana taruh jadi Marshals. We will be given a separate jerseys and there will be a another briefing for the marshals (date to be confirm). Around 35 cyclists were appointed as Marshals. Aiyaaaa.....rugilah kami punya jerseys, inda dapat di pakai.

---------> around 400 cyclists have registered for the event and its gonna be a BIG traffic jam especially at the one way lane from Lumut to Telisai ,<--------------------


1. MUST wear the shirt given on the day (24aug)

2. MUST submit the card to be eligible for the lucky draw

3. registration starts on 23aud08, saturday

*** we were given a donation card to collect money for the HoB and the card must be return on the day itself to be eligible for the lucky draw.*****

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