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KL Training #1

It's my 2nd day in KL and I 've just had my early morning run at KLCC Park. I've managed to run 4 laps - 5.51km in a time of 33:03mins. I planned to do 3 more runs (Wed, Thurs & Fri) before I go back to Brunei in Saturday. Sunday will be Brunei 21km half marathon. I guess and I predict that I wouldn't be able to achieve my target of 1:55:00 hours. So the objective now is to 'Run the Race' not 'Race the Race'. I hoped I can finish below 2:10:00

Yesterday, I managed to visit a few sports shops. Bike Pro and KSH Bicycle shop and of course NIKE shop at KLCC. I've spotted a few equipments and most probably I'm going back there and buy it. FSA SL-K carbon crank with FSA BB (53-39) RM700 plus and it's lighter than Shimano Ultegra cranks. I've bought already 2 Buff Headwear and it cost RM89 each.

Today I'm planning to visit Joo Ngan Bicycle Shop at Ampang. Hopefully overthere they have a wider choice of bicycle helmets. I really need a new helmet.

Keep on running wherever you are...............................

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