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KL Training #2

yesterday, i managed to run 7km in a time of 42:34mins. Actually I planned to run 10km and I already set my Nike+ for a 10km run but out of nowhere after 2km sakit tia jua parut atu.

It was still early around 6:45am and the toilet at KLCC park are not open yet. Go back to hotel is a no no. To KLCC shopping centers, to far away, I might terberak dalam seluar. Lastly ke convention center as it was very near. So I wasted around 10 mins (1km plus of running). Lately, it seems that everytime I plan to run a set of distance, ada saja gangguan.

yesterday afternoon, Zulhassan SMS me and asked me whether I want to go for a swim or a run at KLCC. Since I already had my morning run, I decided to go for a swim. He said he will pick me up after my training but once again hujan tia lagi sampai ke malam. So cancel.

So akhirnya, I went to BikePro bicycle shop and I saw a few new cool accessories.

Shimano Dura Ace Carbon - 1386 grams

FSA SL-K Crankset Carbon with BB - 780 grams

Fulcrum R1- 1550g

Fulcrum R3 1605g

My new helmet bought at JooNgan Bicycle Shop - Lazer Genesis RD

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