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It's been a week since Brunei 21K. So far I've done only one run and it was yesterday. We, I mean me, my brother Aliuddin and my nephew Zaeidi ran at the stadium. Me and GD managed to run two laps around stadium area which is around 7.74km in a time of 43.23mins. Aliuddin only managed to do 1 lap

We are currently preparing ourselves for the upcoming event in November which is Powerman Malaysia. Last Tuesday and Thursday we have done our morning cycling ride. we started early around 6am. Eventhough there weren't that many cars but it was very dangerous because they were driving very fast. tidak selamat ooooo. We managed to cover 35.26km / 1:14:22 hours on Tuesday and on Thursday, we covered a distance of 30.62km / 1:10:29 hours

So currently we are trying to find a good and safe route to practice. Our objective is to practice around 1 hour plus and still have time to come to the office on time. Kan practice pukul 8 pagi, kira akhir sudah tu but the traffics are not so congested as in 7am and the drivers are more civilised at that time.

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