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Updated Photos and Stories Part II

Arriving at Jerudong Park - 12:33 noon

Flag off at 1:20pm. 10 mins earlier than schedule (1:30pm)

Muara - 24km - 1:45pm.

It was a very hot ride from Jerudong Park to Pantai Meragang and some of the riders gave up. It's too hot for them to continue the journey. So they naik pickup/bus.

Entering Pantai Meragang - 2:30pm

600m to Muara roundabout - 3:15pm

Mike taking photos while riding his bike - Not advisable for newbies

very near to the finishing line - 3:36pm

133km journey completed at 3:37pm. According to our bike speedometer, it took us 8:47 hours including checkpoints rest

HSBC staffs

A very crowded area with people, bicycles, supporters and etc

Free isotonic drink given by the lovely cheerful HSBC staff.

Good use of the tent

Tareq, the BIG BOSS of HSBC

Cyclists waiting for the main lucky draw.

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