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Week's summary

It's been a slowwww progress. Its seems that everything that I want to achieved tidak kesampaian. 

Monday, I planned to run 14km but only managed to run 8.67km due to 'hujan lari' mengacau during my run. 

Tuesday, I went for a swim around 3pm at the stadium.  At first, I swam at the ground floor but there were many dugong and duyong bersadai at the other end so susah lah to do lap training. one end no people, the other end banyak orang. Mind you, I'm using the shorter lap not the longer lap. So I decided to move to the upper pool.  Guess what, there were so many dugong 'landing' at the other end, I mean at the other end of 50m lap. So susah lah membuat lap. Maybe my timing is not right. I should have come around 1pm or 2pm or 5:30pm, that the time I usually come. Around that time, its either nobody at the pool(early afternoon) or there were so many people but all are swimming bukannya bersadai di tepi tepi kolam. I guess I only managed to 300 to 400m

Wednesday, public holiday. The planned was to go to cycle to Tutong but due to only four of us showed up, the ride was shorten to a U-turn near Istana Jerudong. We managed to cover 54.53km in a time of 1:58:56 hours.

Thursday, Total rest

Friday afternoon, I managed to run 5.05km in a time of 28.15 mins. The route was from my home to the Sg Akar/Salambigar/Subok roundabout and turn back. Usually, it took me 15 mins to reach the roundabout and 15 mins back. But I on the way back, I decided to quicken my pace. I guess the songs did help to maintain my fast pace.

Saturday morning. Once again I planned to do 14k. I've set my Ipod for a 14km run but not even 1km, my Ipod hang. It stop playing songs. the button was not responding. kacau kacau. Luckily I was wearing my watch. So I used the stopwatch. I managed to run around 1 hours 20 mins. I guess I covered around 12km. Around 55 mins, my energy was already low due to I haven't eat anything for my breakfast, just a drink and a powergel. Lesson learnt: If you plan to run more than 1 hour, take your breakfast. Powergel alone is not enough.

Sunday: Rest day. 

Next week: Training in KL. 


Anonymous said...

try red beans wit eggs pawang for ur breakfast,at least u wont get hypo during ur running...

Anonymous said...
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