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Fasting Run #2

Last night we had a slow easy run of 8.02km and we did it in a time of 58.49mins. It was supposed to be 4 but the other guy didn't showed up.

Next run probably on Friday or Sunday.

Happy fasting and avoid food wastage


Anonymous said...

You call that slow run? Ha ha.. aku tekapar kapar kali tu hahahaha...

Payah kan belari masa ani... keduluran malas... plan kan lari lapas sungkai tapi... hehehe malas jadinya... 1 month to go.. for Borneo International Marathon... merunggau ni akhirnya... hehehe

Anonymous said...

the slowness was like I can do a fast walk and still can catch up with their run...........that what I call a turtle run, i walk, see ya at the finish line.