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My own bicycle camera mount kit

After viewing the youtube video on how to modified the headlamp and reflector holder, I've decided to try since I have all those things.

ALL pictures were taken using the new Canon Digital Ixus 960IS 12.1 Megapixels

My bicycle reflector and headlamp. The reflector is from my Scott road bike

Take out by unscrew / slide out the reflector from the holder

reflector holder, 1/4" 1" bolt, 1/4" nut (preferable nutwing) and 1/4" washers
(I bought the bolt, nut & washers from Chemiland, Delima and it costs me less than $1.00)

The finished product. No need drilling since the hole are meant for 1/4" bolt

Camera with the mount kit on the arrow bar

Camera with mount kit on a mountain bike. I'm using a slightly longer 3" bolt

Next post, I'll upload the video from the ride.

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