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28th Panaga Triathlon 2008

The next Panaga triathlon is coming soon. The details of the events are as follows;

Event: 28th Panaga Triathlon 2008

Date: Sunday, 23rd November 2008

Venue: Panaga Recreational Club, Seria, KB. Brunei Darussalam

Category: Full Triathlon - 500m pool swim (16 laps), 24km cycle and 5 km run (individual and mixed team relay), Mini Triathlon - 300m pool swim (10 laps), 16km cycle and 2.5km run (individual only) or as a Triathlon Volunteer (marshal)

Registration Fees: B$20 per participant and a free t-shirt will be given to the participants and marshal

Registration Form: Can be obtain by downloading from my blog or requesting thru the email below.

Closing date: 14th November 2008

Contact Person: Jaap Erik van Krimpen (BLNG-ERE),

Personal Note: For first time athlete who wanna try triathlon, this is a good opportunity to participate because it is a pool swim - a safe and control environment compared to open sea swim. There is no penalty for not swimming. You can walk or run at the shallow part and swim at the deep end. (30 m pool length). That was what I did when I first join in Nov 2006. You don't have to be shy because not many locals participates. Mostly foreigners working in Brunei Shell. So if you do make a fool of yourselves, nobody will know you not unless I took photos of you and blog it.hehehehehhe


Anonymous said...

Can you please post a map of the triathlon cycling and running route? Much appreciated!!

anakpanyu said...

i guess the route will be the same as last year so I will post last year route.