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Borneo Marathon Results - Brunei Runners

Congratulation to our Brunei runners. They have produced good results. The results for the Brunei runners are as follows;

Marathon - 42KM
5-------Sefli Ahar-------------------------------------2:41:12
7-------Ahmad Fathi---------------------------------3:32:38

Half Marathon - 21Km
7-------Shamsul Hj Saman--------------------------1:32:45
12------Ak Abd Azim Pg Idris-----------------------1:35:04
33------Ahmad Rafidi Hj Md Daud----------------2:04:05

Veteran - 10K
4--------Wahid Hj Ahmad--------------------------50:16 mins

Other Runners
Abdul Razak Hj Abu Bakar - Men Veteran 10K
Ali Bin Haji Isah - Men Veteran 10K
Haji Ahmad Nur'Al Bin Hj Abdul Rahman - Men Open 10K
Hamsul Sulaiman - Men Open 10K
Ismail Abu Bakar - Men Veteran 10K
Mohammad Tarsad Hj Muhamad - Men Veteran 10K
Zaki Mohidin - Men Open 10K

Keep on running...........make Brunei proud of you.

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