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rubix cube

Today is the 4th day of Syawal. Hari Raya ke empat. So far, I've visited 12 houses. sikit saja. With that also I've done 1 running and 1 cycling.

I've successfully completed the Rubix cube puzzle after 4 days of trying. 1st day of raya, I didn't even managed to solve one side of the cube. After studying the algorithm (more like memorising the steps) and viewing the tutorial video at Youtube (antah yang keberapa kali udah ku liat), tonight I've successfully completed the cube (I think ada 5 to 6 times udah). I even download the tutorial guide from

At first I thought, only genius people could solve the cube but I was wrong. Study the move and in just few days or even hours, you could solve the cube. But I guess, for the sifu, they would have multiples ways to solve the cube.

Keep on training...........................

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