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Saturday 10K run

Today I've managed to do my early long morning run of 10k (10.41km in a time of 61:19 mins). It was a good run.

It's almost the 3rd week of October and I've only done 1 long run. I need few more long runs before the end of this month - maybe 3 long run of 10k to 15k. What I noticed from my early morning run today, My legs especially the thighs - it seems that it is not used to long run. I have to train my legs for the long run - nanti 'mogok' masa Powerman, susah tu. run-bike-walk jadinya tu

For the 3rd week, I've revised our training schedules to make room for more recovery, more run and less bike ride. I've noticed that we are not fully recovered/rested after the previous training thus affecting the next day training. I'll be reducing the distance because we should be tapering to avoid any unwanted injuries.

Last Thursday, me and my brother (the other guy once again didn't turn up) did our Mentiri hill training. We decided to do only one lap because both of us are still tired of yesterday training. Need more rests...................................

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