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Wet Sunday Ride

I think this is the 2nd wet Sunday. Last week was also a bit wet. I woke up around 5 am and I noticed that it was raining. So SMS everyone that the bike ride will still go on if the rain stop before 7am and luckily it stop around 6 plus.

We arrived at Bukit Shahbandar around 6:45am. The road is still wet and masih lagi ada sikit sikit hujan rintik rintik. We setup our bike and waited for a while. We started our training 7:35am to Penanjong Tutong, make a u-turn under the bridge and headed back to B.Shahbandar via Empire Hotel U-turn. We managed to travel 57.94km in a time of 1:48:44 hours. We saw a few cyclists along the highway. Ada jua yang rajin berbasikal walaupun hujan and jalan basah. respek lah.........................

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