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Panaga Triathlon 12/10/14
Sarawak Triathlon 19/10/14

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Wet Sunday

It's 6:28am and its raining heavily. We were supposed to do our group ride today but due to heavy rain, I have to cancel it. So recovery and rest for the whole day.

Yesterday morning, i've managed to run 8.77km in a time of 51:43 mins. I slept a little bit late around 11:15pm and when I woke up, I was still sleepy. Actually, malas rasanya kan berlari but thinking about Powerman and the distance I need to run, I decided just run anyway. At first I decided to run only 5K but somehow at roundabout sg akar-subok-salambigar, I missed the u-turn and terlajak berlari ke T-junction near the traffic light Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports. Semangat mesti diteruskan.

Friday - Went to the swimming pool and managed to swim 900m freestyle and 100 me breastroke. I've met Luqman & Aliff (Brunei Swimmers). They said they will be joining the Panaga triathlon. Good luck guys.

Summary of this week activities;

Monday: 300m freestyle & 100m breastroke swim
Tuesday: Brick training 9.9k bike - 2km run - 9.21k bike
Wednesday: 9.52km run
Thursday: 23.29km bike ride
Friday: 900m freestyle & 100m breastroke swim
Saturday: 8.77km run

Sunday: Rest

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