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McFarm MTB Trail This Sunday

To all mountain bikers, there will be a mountain bike offroad riding at McFarm, Kg Tungku. The details are as follows;

Organiser: Ali Sofian Thani and Group
Date: Sunday, 9th November 2008
Time: 8:00am to 11:00 am. (Please come 7:45am)
Location: McFarm Kg Tungku
Distance: appr 24km with 10km offroad riding
Tyres Type: 1.85 and above. Set tyre pressure 35 to 40psi. Hopefully it will rain sat nite.
Level: All levels of riders but for beginners - be aware, you gonna need oxygen :))))
Fluids: Bring at least 2 bottles or better use a camelbak. You gonna needed.
Other: Bring spare tubes, tools, bananas or chocolate, powerbar or etc. Most important bring your camera and your sense of fun adventure. But the most important, please bring your 'FULL CHARGE MOBILE WITH ENOUGH CREDIT' in case of emergency

Always practice safe riding and good judgement. If you're not confident, just push your bike downhill coz there gonna be steep cornering downhill. Do not follow the rider in front to close especially during downhill and climbing. Always wait for other riders at the top of every hills. Help other riders by giving encouragement.

Note: We will not be joining the ride because we will be in Perak

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