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McFarm Sunday Morning Ride

today's route captured using garmin forerunner 301 uploaded to Google Earth.
Total distance 24.56km in a time of 2:57:44 hours
For exact location how to get to McFarm click here Direction

A total 10 riders showed up for today ride at McFarm. 6 riders from Team Anakpanyu.Com and 4 riders from Ali Sofian Thani's group. The ride started around 8:16am and sun was already high and hot.

Inside the jungle we met one group made up of Chinese mountain bikers. I guess 8 to 10 riders. 5 mins into the jungle, one of the MTB putus rantai and since kami inda membawa tools, so he has to turn back and balik lagipun rantai putus beyond repairable. luckily alum jauh banar masuk kedalam hutan. Actually nya ada yang membawa tools tapi jauh udah masuk ke dalam.

Posing at the top of the hill.

Picture courtesy of Hj Sofian (right)

Ali Sofian one hand climb - Powerrrrrrrr

Fighting for the 'King of the Hill'

'King of the Hill' as claim by GD. He claimed he managed to climb all the hills.

Actually for the 3 of us, the training that we have done for the past 4 weeks nampaknya mendatangkan hasil. The first time we did the McFarm to Jerudong trail, we only managed to climb around 2 hills and we were really exhausted. At that time, the trail was dry. For today, we managed to climb almost all hills and the trail was a bit muddy. It's a bit 'peanut' or in malay kacannnggg. Kalau lah stamina kami macam ani masa PSK hari atu, gerenti kami dapat bertahan maybe lap 3 or 4. Ani lapas 1 lap, kana potong udah kami.............

One of the challenging hills

orang lain semua tercungap cungap but Ali Sofian still maintain saja - powerrrrrrrrrr
Thanks for inviting our group. Next week there will be another sunday morning ride at McFarm. Just contact Ali Sofian Thani.

Summary of these week activities;

Monday: recovery
Tuesday: 5km run and 5 hill sprints
Wednesday: morning bike 29.41km and afternoon swim
Thursday: morning bike 21.30km
Friday: recovery
Saturday: 11km morning run + swimming
Sunday: MTB McFarm morning ride

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