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The North Face 100 Singapore

I was browsing in the internet checking mostly sport related website when I come across this event. The details are as follows;

Event: The North Face 100 Singapore
Distance: 100km
Type: Trail running, off road
Date: 4th October 2008
Start time: 8am
Cut Off time: 4pm (8 hours)
Category: Mens Duo & Womens Duo. Each team member will complete 50km and the total finish time of each member will be the total finish time of the team. team member may run individually and need not cross the finish line together.

A regional series sprawling across 4 countries, The
North Face 100® was designed with one goal in mind - to push the limits of
human endurance. The series kicked off in Australia on May 17 taking runners
across the Blue Mountains for 100km of stunning views, and not to mention, the
aches, pains and cramps that come along with participating in such a grueling

Appealing to the most adventurous of
athletes, The North Face 100® is not your ordinary run in the park, but an
off-road trail run that promises to test your determination, perseverance and
zest for pain! The North Face 100® will stop in The Philippines on-route to
Singapore before its grand finale in Beijing, China next

Be a part of this inaugural run and you could just
find yourself running amongst some of the world's top ultra runners in

The North Face 100® Schedule
17 May 08, The Blue Mountains, Australia
26 Jul 08, Tagaytay City, The Philippines
4 Oct 08, Central Catchment Area, Singapore
Apr 09, The Great Wall of China, China

I guess this will be my next BIG project next year. Find a teamate and and start training. To complete 50km in 8 hours is easy for road race but for trail running, that is a challenge. 50km, I can complete around 6 hours max for road race and if it is off road, then add another 2 hours. That would be enough - 8 hours. Who will I offer to be my running partner???

The winner of this year inaugural event was from Team F1 runners of Singapore with the total time of 9:50:15 hours (4:38:54 & 5:11:21)

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