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Official Powerman Results 2008

I've just come back from KL and the results have been published. Below are the summarize results. More full results can be viewed from here

Long Distance Category - 11km/64km/10km

I've included 2 names. They are Nor Juliana Ali @ missJewelZ and Zulikifle Hassan @ zulhassan. I've known them thru blogging and I've met them in person. Kewl and adventurous Malaysians.

Sprint Category - 5.5km/32km/5km

Aliuddin managed to get top 10 for the Cycle event.

I'll upload more photos tomorrow and a few stories to shares. Now, I want to rest. ada rasa rasanya kan sakit.


Juliana said...

salam.nice to meet you !!

zulhassan said...

adeh segan aku satu brunai tahu.

Taniah, kalau ada umur panjang kita race lagi dan aku akan cuba beat ko lain kali :D