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Powerman Expenses

As requested, a brief expenses of our expenditure. we are travelling 3 persons

- B$1 = RM2.33

Per Person
Air Transportation (RBA) - B$373.00
Transportation from KLIA to Lead View Hotel, Lumut, Perak (3 athlete & 3 bikes) - RM600 (B$257.50) (Per person RM200~ B$85.84)
Transportation from Lead View Hotel, Lumut, Perak to KLIA - RM600 (3 athlete & 3 bikes) (B$257.50) (Per person RM200~ B$85.84)
Hotel Accommodation for 2 rooms 5 days & 4 nights @ RM90 - RM720(B$309.00) (per room RM360 ~ B154.50)
Meals - B$100
Shopping - B$200

Total = 373+85.84+85.84+154.5+100+200=B$999.18

Charges not included - Powerman Registration - USD60 where mode of payment was using TT via Bank ( additional charges which was a lot)

* You also need Brunei Customs Declaration form for your bicycles to transport in and out of the country. Free of charge. Form can be fill in and process on the day of your flight.

*My advice, travel with a partner, easy to look after your things and share the payments.

* If you wanna save cost, use AirAsia but if you still LOVE your bicycle, my advice better used RBA/MAS. IF you use a hard case bicycle bag, pakai AirAsia. If pakai kotak, pakai RBA/MAS. Mana mana saja kamu lah, dua dua pun selamat, dua dua pun alum tantu selamat basikal kamu. It's your bicycle not mine..........

* For me, if it is just running I would just use AirAsia but since I'm carrying my bicycle, I would prefer RBA plus the flight schedule was during daytime compared to AirAsia (night time). The journey from KLIA to the Hotel was 3 hours plus so if travel during the night for sure sampai 2am or 3am in the morning. Not good for your race preparation (sleep time)

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