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Saturday training

Yesterday morning around 8am I had my 11km run and then went for a swim to cool down. Usually I always do my training before 6:30am. The early, the better. I was actually too lazy and too tired. I went back to sleep after the Subuh prayer and woke up around 7:15am. I look outside and the weather was a bit 'mendung'. I had my breakfast and went to Stadium and had my 11km run in a time of 1:10:00 hours. I had 2 walks break in between.

Since I parked my car near the swimming pool and my swimming gear are all in the car, I decided to go for a cool down swim.

Today plan will be mountain biking at McFarm with Ali Sofian. Hopefully around 10 cyclists. I be reporting and uploading images after the ride.

Keep on riding....................................................


Anonymous said...

Hi Anakpanyu,

I am planning to get a road bike soon, what is your recommendation for a beginner like me? How much do I expected to burn my wallet? Arah triple star atu ok kah price nya? Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend at least go for a carbon fork and cari yang harganya 2k above. Triple star price a bit mahal. mun sanggup buy from KL or miri, a bit cheaper. Go for Scott, Giant or GT. The common bikes mostly found in Brunei. Kalau mau canggih go for carbon frame bike - B$5k or in KL you can get it for B$3.5K