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Week 46th Training Log

It's almost a week after the Powerman. Currently I'm just preparing physically and mentally for the 28th Panaga Triathlon which will be held next week at Panaga Recreational Club.

Summary of these week activities;

Monday: Got back from KL
Tuesday: Recovery
Wednesday: Mid Morning Swim 600m

Thursday: Mid Morning swim 700m
Friday: Late Afternoon swim 700m + 6.42km road run + 2km track run
Saturday: Morning 23.56km bike

* The 2km track run - I'm testing running without wearing socks. I just apply vaseline to the blister prone area and for the 2km run, no problem. Monday, I'll test 5km with no socks. This time I'll apply the vaseline to the inside sole of the shoes instead of my feet. If I can run without socks, i'll therefore can reduce the time during transition. Much better, run without shoes but that would be crazy......................

Keep on improving..................................

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