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Good Bye 2008, Welcome 2009

2009 is coming in a few hours time. 12 months have gone by and so far I have achieved the target that I wanted and some I fail to complete and some I have not done it.

The BIGGEST achievement would be completing the Singapore ULTRA marathon 84km night running. For 2009, I've registered for the event which will be held on 30th May 2009

The EASIEST competition was the KL Towerthon. running up the stairs (2058 steps) of KL Tower. At first I thought its going to be difficult and hard but when I reached to the top, I felt the run was just like a warm up. that it, so easssyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Maybe I have a lot of practice of stair climbing, that's why it was easy.

The DIFFICULT competition was the Powerman Malaysia. I have to run 11km, bike 64km and then lastly 10km run. The training itself was difficult because I have to balance the training for cycling and running and I was also training with 2 other athletes which make it more difficult and challenging.

The DNF (did not finish) competition was the PSK long distance cycling 156km. This was my first race and did not have much experience in road race competition.

Year 2008, I've travelled to Kuala Lumpur 2 times and once to Singapore. It is a very expensive hobbies but since Brunei is lacking the competition, I'll keep on racing in other countries. I'll just need to keep on savings for my expenses and hopefully next year I'll find a sponsor for my activities.

My total running distance for the year 2008 is 913.50km. Next year, it will be my target to run 1000km for 365 days. That will be 2.74km per day or 82.20km per month.

For the year 2009, I have targeted a few NEW competition that I have not competed.
  1. Brunei Triathlon - 1st March 2009
  2. Singapore 70.3 ironman - March 2009
  3. Singapore North Face 100 - October 2009
  4. Miri Triathlon - 28/29 November 2009
  5. Singapore Marathon 42km - December 2009
Tomorrow is 1st January, the first day of 365 days 2009 and the first activities is trail walking at Tasek Lama. I have registered for the Bukit Shahbandar Challenge and looking at my current fitness, I'm not sure I'll be able to clock new PB. I'll just have to try hard and plan a good run.

Lastly, Happy new year to all the sports enthusiasts. Keep on sweating and exercising in what ever sport you are doing. As long it is healthy and 'berpeluh' that is good enough. Do not take drugs (steroids, EPO, etc) just to get maximum performance. It wouldn't do you any good. Stay clean and be safe.

Train wisely and smart. Do not train hard (i.e. OLD skool). You only need to train 4 to 5 times a week just to achieve the same result of training 7 days a week. There is no such thing that you're performance will drop if you skip training for 1 to 2 days (except for certain cases).

Keep on running.......................................

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