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Just Another Normal Day

Not normal is not doing anything (running, swimming or cycling) for few days without any valid reasons for not doing it.

Monday, We (me and my wife) as usual went to Tasek Lama for trail walking (not trail running). We managed to cover 2.79km in a time of 53:51 mins.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my 2nd swimming lessons at Anggerek Desa swimming pool. Ahmad Fathi also enrolled for the swimming lessons. Our coach yesterday was not the coach who taught me last week. So the way they teach was different from each other. We are taking swimming lessons coz we want to improve our swimming technique and for our upcoming big event (which is we have not registered for it yet). Next lessons is on Friday & Sunday and after that the lessons stop for christmas & new year long holiday

Today, I had my morning trail run at Tasek Lama while my wife trail walking. I ran 3.75km in a time of 28:26mins. I need to register for the B.Shahbandar Challenge. Maybe I'll do it next week.

I should allocate time for my cycling. Maybe tomorrow or Friday.

Keep on sweating................................................

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