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Saturday Long Run

Today run was like last week run. I ran from my home to Tasek Lama via Sg Akar highway and Jalan Kebangsaan. This time instead of entering Tasek Lama, I  entered Bukit Salilah near Sheraton and used the back road - trail running to Tasek Lama. It was an exhausting run especially the offroad running.

Summary of this week activities;

Monday: Rest day (Hari Raya Haji)
Tuesday: Trail Walking at Tasek Lama with the missus & Afternoon swim lesson
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Trail running at Tasek Lama
Friday: 500m pool Swimming
Saturday: 11.52km road & trail running
Sunday: BSM Walk-a-hunt

** No cycling this week. Basically I'm concentrating more on my running - building up base running (foundation & endurance) for my ultramarathon. I wish more Bruneian will participate coz if I can do it, for sure those faster & have more endurance than me can do it. 

My first swim lesson was last Tuesday afternoon at Anggerek Desa Swimming Pool. It was supposed to be at Pusat Belia but the pool is under renovation. The lesson for that day was correcting my strokes and my strokes was way out of tune - patutlah inda laju. My stroke length was shorter, it should be longer.

When I went for a swim yesterday, it shows a lot of improvement and I seems to be swimming faster and efficient compare to my shorter stroke style. Most probably I'll take another 5 to 10 lessons before I stop.

I guess most of you would be thinking - inda membari malu kah belajar swimming sudah tua tua ani, arah public swimming pool lagi? Ada lah sikit sikit but if you want to improve, peduli apa kan malu. I'm the one getting better, the other people pandai pun inda swimming, beramdam ganya. think about it. Last Tuesday, in my class there were two students. One was me and the other was a small girl (5 to 8 years old) belajar freestyle.

2 years ago, I joint adult swimming lesson in Pusat Belia. There were around 5 to 6 of us. My swimming really improves and I even took extra lessons. The lessons should have been 2 times per week but for me 3 to 4 times a week since they have classes everyday but for different categories and abilities. I even joint the kids swimming lessons. Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breastroke - semua ku pelajari. Butterfly is the only swimming style that I have not mastered or in other word 'inda pandai'. After 2 months, I stopped due to several reasons but now I have continued my swimming lessons again - for the purpose of correcting my strokes and for IRONMAN............

Keep on practicing................perfect strokes makes perfect swimming.

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