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Sunday Solo Ride

Actually today I cannot decide what I want to do. Either a long run coz I have not done any or a bike ride. It's been 2 weeks since my last bike ride, so I decide to do a bike ride alone coz if I offer the other riders, they might be still asleep. I managed to to cover 34.38km in a time of 1:11:37 hours and I took the route from HOME to Tungku highway, UBD and Muara Highway and back home.

We (me and Ahmad Fathi) were supposed to have our swimming lessson on Friday but were cancelled due to the pool was overcrowded and no coach. They resceduled it yesterday but again they cancelled it due to lightning. So today will be our last lesson before the school goes on holiday (if the lesson is not cancelled again).

Yesterday morning, we had a group trail walking at Tasek Lama in preparation for the Mount Kinabalu climb expedition in January 10th. I organised it because some of the climbers have not done any climbing exercise/preparation/training. Its gonna be painful if we are not fully prepared for the long climb. Keep on training........................

So, to summarize these week activities;

Monday - 2.79km trail walk at tasek lama the Mrs
Tuesday - Swimming lessons
Wednesday - 3.75km trail running at tasek lama
Thursday- recovery
Friday - 2.60km trail walk at tasek lama with the Mrs
Saturday - 3.85km trail walk at tasek lama
Sunday - 34.38km bike ride

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