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Trail running

So far i've started my trail running training for the Bukit Shahbandar Challenge which is on 4th January 2009 NOT on the 14th December 2008 which was previously advertised (ada advertisement nya kan........inda pun ada ku nampak......arah jamban kali ???)

Currently I'm just doing my training at Tasek Lama because it is nearer to my home compared to B.Shahbandar.

Other than trail running, I'm also doing my road running just to add up my endurance. 

thurs, 27/11 - 3.78km tasek lama trail running
Sat, 29/11 - 11.80km road run
sun, 30/11 - 2.72km tasek lama brisk walk with the missus
mon, 1/12 - 4.7km tasek lama trail running

I'm trying to concentrate more on my running and less cycling. Maybe once a week is enough. if there is a competition then baru tah tambahkan latihan basikal.

Some of my friends are thinking of registering for Singapore half ironman on 22nd march 2009 and I'm tempted to join them. The problem is with my swimming. I'm not going to survive the 1.9km sea swim with my current technique of swimming. I need a coach and currently looking for it. Do anybody know anybody who teaches swimming,  anyone???

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