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1st Group Ride of the Year

Today was our first group ride of the year. All six riders showed up. Ahmad was invited for the ride but he had an appointment with PNG for a morning ride at Kota Batu. Today we managed to cover 46.62km in a time of 1hour 39 mins with an average speed of 28km/hr. It was a fast ride and a good workout.

So far this week activities are a bit slow.

Monday: Recovery/Rest
Tuesday: Afternoon swimming lesson
Wednesday: Afternoon bike ride 15.36km
Thursday: rest
Friday: Swimming 3X500m and 2X100m
Saturday: Morning run 7.37km

Sunday: Bike ride 46.62km

Currently Zaeidi, Ahmad and me are taking the lessons. For the swimming lesson on tuesday, it was an exhausting lesson and Johnny was teaching us. Eventhough Pusat Belia swimming pool is small but it is enough to tired us all. If any of you do remember, Johnny was the filipino guy yang ikut the 2nd Brunei Triathlon using a purple mountain bike. Since we requested for Johnny as our coach, the lesson have been change to Wednesday. yeaaahhhh

With Triathlon coming up on 1st March and Ultramarathon on 30th May, therefore I have to do 2 in 1 training. I cannot start my Ultra training after the triathlon because that is already a bit late (like last year). Roughly my schedule for 7 days a week training would look like this

Monday: rest/recovery (of course)
Tuesday: Afternoon 10 to 14km run
Wednesday: Afternoon swimming lesson
Thursday:Morning Speed Run or brick & Afternoon Bike ride

Friday: Morning Run & Afternoon Swimming
Saturday: Morning Looonggg Run
Sunday: Morning Bike Ride

For the Singapore 70.3 Ironman, after checking the competitor list from their website, so far as of today only 548 (out of 1500 slots) athletes have registered and only 4 Brunei competitor have registered. That's means there are still many empty slots. The four competitors are:

Sharif Ibrahim - Bruneian
Keeran Janin - Bruneian
Bernhard Hustedt - Brunei German
Teo Cheng Nee Jacqueline - Singapore Bruneian

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