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2D/1N Mount Kinabalu Expenses

Breakdown of expenses for climbing mount kinabalu. Per Person for a group of 6 climbers

RBA Airline Ticket = B$108 per person
2D/1N mount kinabalu package - RM658 @2.38 = B$276.47 per person
Climbing Permit - RM100 @ 2.38 = B$42.02 per person
Certificate - RM10 @ 2.38 = B$4.20 per person
Total Expenses = B$430.69 per person

Additional Expenses:
Extra 1 Night at Tune Hotel = B$18.85 per person or B$37.69 per room
Transportation from Airport to Tune Hotel = RM75 @ 2.38 = B$31.51 per trip per van for 6 persons

Other Expenses:
New torchlight/headlamp, glove, sport shoes (trail), socks, weatherproof jacket with hood, bag (20L to 40L), drinks, chocolates, raisins, medicines and etc = B$50 to B$300

2D/1N Mount Kinabalu Package includes
  1. Return land transfer
  2. Mountain guide
  3. Insurance
  4. Dormitory bed at Laban Rata Hut (heated room)
  5. Meals ( Packed Lunch, Buffet Dinner, Buffet Breakfast and Buffet Lunch)
Using airplane or car to reached Kota Kinabalu would most probably still cost the same because using Car, you need at least 4 days/3 nights compared to using airplane 3D/2N or 2D/1N.


Anonymous said...

Mahal jua Taxi nya ah. I remember when I was there for the Marathon it was at $40 RM from Airport to 1Borneo

anakpanyu said...

RM75 for 6 persons. kami pakai van disediakan oleh tour services. kira murah udah ni. actuallynya RM80 kalau pakai 2 teksi