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Conquering Mt Kinabalu for the 4th time - Day 1

All 6 of us went to Kota Kinabalu a day earlier so that the next day we will arrive early at Kinabalu Park and also give us plenty of time to do any last minute shopping.

Group photograph for the Media Permata - our travel agent
If any of you planning to go to KK and need tour services, you can contact them.

Mount Kinabalu as seen thru the van's window

Some of the climbers getting ready for the climb

9:18am - We started the journey by walking downhill

After that it is uphill all the way with lots of stairs

The 1km checkpoint. it tooks us an average of 30mins per km

10:00am - Resting at every checkpoint (every 1 km there is a hut)

The porter carrying heavy goods

After resting, continue with more uphill walking

11:49am - Lunch break at one of the checkpoint

Some of the climbers also took their lunch break at the same checkpoint

Summit Trail - just go up hill

That small white house on the top right hand corner is where we are heading.

My brother are already too tired to walk that he needed to rest every few hundred meters

After 5km, we have walked 3 hours 25 mins and its another 1 km before we reached Laban Rata

More uphill walk


Finally we reached Laban Rata resthouse and it took us 4 hours 25 mins just to walk 6km uphill.

Showing off that we can withstand the cold temperature

That BIG mountain is what we gonna climb in the early morning.

2nd Day Climb - Next Posting

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