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The Greatest Race On Earth 08/09 - Mumbai

Mumbai Marathon was held on Sunday 18th January 2009 and once again Brunei is represented by one runner sponsored by Standard Chartered Brunei. He is Noor Mohd Ariffin Hj Bahrain and he clocked 04:02:35 for the 42km run. Congratulations and well done.

With that, he is ranked 19th out of 23 runners participating in the Greatest Race on Earth. Overall after 3 races, Brunei is still ranked 19th out of 23. Looking from the results, I can say that Brunei is considered at the bottom because the last 4 countries - Korea, Botswana, Zimbabwe & Pakistan, most of their runners did not run the marathons (DNF/DNS). If the runners do showed up, most probably we would be at the bottom last or at least 2nd last. Check Here

The last race for The Greatest Race on Earth will be in Hongkong, 8th February 2009 and Brunei will be represented by Sefli Ahar.

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