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Saturday Speed Run

Today was supposed to be my Loooooonnng distance of no less than 12k but judging from my last tuesday training, I've decided to do my speed run instead. I need to boost my speed  if I want to be fast.

I went to Padang Kebajikan Track & Field and ran 5 laps as a warm up. After that, I did a few stretches just to loosen the muscles. 

My speed run consists of 5 x 400m with 4 mins recovery in between. 400 m run in less than 1:30mins. First run I managed to do it 1:23 then 1:25, 1:26, 1:29 and lastly 1:26. Supposed to be there should be only a different of 3 seconds between each run. The first and the last run should be getting faster not the other way run gettting slower.

Next speed run is on Thursday morning. Tomorrow is another bike ride. 

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