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Singapore and it's night races

I've noticed that Singapore are making the trend of organizing sporting event in the night. Some of the events they have successfully organize and will organize are:

  1. Singapore Sundown Marathon (84K & 42k) - May 2008
  2. Singapore F1 races - September 2008

Coming Soon !!! - Singapore Mountain Bike Carnival - 28 Feb / 1 Mac 2009
Coming Soon !!! - Singapore Sundown Marathon - 30th May 2009

Last year they did try to organize Singapore night triathlon but somehow the ITU did not sanctioned the night triathlon so they change it to day time but again due to shortage of time, they have to cancel it.

They should try to organize event like:

  1. Night Golfing
  2. Night Swim
  3. Night Duathlon
  4. Any sport which usually done in the daylight, change it in the night with the only light is from the stars and the moon

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